• “I have been having massage with John for several years. His expertise and skills in remedial massage are superb. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him.” (Linda, Nutritionist)
  • “John has got an approachable personality and is a very pleasant colleague to work with. John had treated me on various occasions and as a therapist, I would strongly recommend him, as he is a very good listener and understands the client needs thoroughly before starting the treatments. More than just the treatment, John follows it up with the clients about their condition  as and when possible.” (KK, Hospitality Manager)
  • “John is a great deep tissue practitioner. He is extremely patient and can really help resolve tough issues with deep work. John is also very nice and personable and the time on his table flies by.” (Josh, Executive)
  • “John is fantastic at his job and would recommend him to anyone.” (Philipp, CEO)
  • “My partner and I have been hiring John’s services as a massage therapist since 2008. John Minghella is not only a very competent and experienced massage therapist, but also – and maybe more importantly – an outstanding individual, very personable and with a great sense of humor, to such an extent that he has now become a true friend of ours. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from the physical ailments brought by modern life…or even simply for a good laugh!” (Pierre, Corporate executive)
  • “I’m an ex-professional dancer and have had many treatments for various injuries the world over but nothing compares to this! It’s everything you’d hope a massage would be and more. Whether you’re wanting work on a particular area or simply want to de-stress then I highly recommend John. He really gets under your skin! Literally. I had pain in my knee from running and not only did John identify the problem but he fixed it for me over a couple of sessions as well”. (Amanda, Fitness professional)
  • “John’s massage is very effective. He seems to know exactly how to pull and press the muscles to realign the body. With his massage I have been able to feel less stiff and more confident about exercising which brings further benefits to my overall health.” (Juan, Executive)
  • “I run my own business and retain a lot of stress internally in my body. If it wasn’t for the weekly massage I have had from John for the last two years, I would be very sick, very often. I think of massage as preventative medicine. His deep-tissue treatments are the best I have had, and I am grateful that he comes to my home with his massage table. As well as being a great therapist he is a wonderful man I cannot recommend him highly enough.” (Lucky Dissanayake, Entrepreneur)
  • “After training for a 10k by running on the 
pavement, I injured my knee and was hobbling 
with pain. John saw me immediately to relieve 
it and then gave me a course of therapy 
which did me wonders. I was able to walk and 
dance in high heels pain-free a few weeks 
later at my brother’s wedding. 
I highly recommend John’s skills as he knows 
that often one’s problems may lie in more 
than one area of the body. I have already 
sent a few people to him and all have been 
very happy.” (R. Waines, London)